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ExcelDBLinks is a Free Visual Basic Utility that enables the links between a database and Excel spreadsheet to be examined and then changed. The utility lists the databases associated with all embedded Queries and Pivot Tables within the Excel Workbook.

The ExcelDBLinks utility is free to download and use. It is provided 'as is', with no warranty written or implied. The development team take no responsibility for any problems that may arise from the use of the software. Having said this, we are keen to maintain ExcelDBLinks as a useful and working utility, so we would like to hear from you if you have problems or suggestions.

In view of the above, please take the time to enter your email address before you download - you are not obliged to do so, but it will enable us to advise you when new versions are released. Your email address will be used for no other purpose than this.

Please note: it is recommended to select 'Save' when the dialogue box pops up, as 'Run' requires you to select a specific Excel workbook.

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Release DateVersionComments
16th May 20042.0Fixed problem with case sensitive searching of connection strings.
Fixed problem where missing connection string elements caused unhandled exception.
21st April 20031.0Initial version


This Free Visual Basic Utility is the result of a joint development initiative between Influential Computers and Axsis Consultants.

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